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The Connector, 2020

The Connector is a transparent barrier that allows at risk groups to converse safely with their loved ones and was developed during the covid-19 pandemic. The idea was born out of an attempt to maintain meaningful social contact with our grandmother and out of concern for those who weren’t able to visit their parents and grandparents in nursing homes for weeks. After conducting a survey in a number of nursing homes, we found that management is well aware of the importance of social contact for the health of the elderly and that they do indeed, for the most part, make every effort to enable social contact. However, most of them also pointed out the problems they face in organizing visits and expressed a desire for a solution that would facilitate them. In response we came up with a simple barrier that allows safe conversations between the elderly and other members of at risk groups and their loved ones in outside settings. The prototype was designed and assembled pro bono. We hope that the Connector alleviates the pain of social isolation for many individuals!

We are offering Connectors without a profit; the client covers only the costs of materials and production. On our website we’ve made the PDF of the design available for free (see the right side of the page), thus, the Connector can be made by anyone with basic carpenter skills. We are available for technical support at

Created by …

Katja Simončič

Matic Vrabič

Petra Varl

Danilo Ončevski

Nikola Shekerinov

Mitja Godnič

.… we are thankful to:

Klemen Ilovar

dr. Ivan Iskra

dr. Maja Remškar

Nuša Varl

Andrej Kurent

Sabina Pirnat

Marko Drobnjak

Mertelj Vrabič Arhitekti

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Foto: Klemen Ilovar